Offer a book on golf for Christmas!

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Practical and safe, the book remains an essential Christmas gift. If you have carefully followed Our selection At the time of confinement, here are four other books aimed at a certain type of golfer.

The beginner golfer

Hachette’s Big Book of Golf by Sébastien Brochu
(Axe – €35)

Reissued in 2018, this 400-page book is a bit dated, but it’s still a reference. Ideal for players who are new to our discipline, this richly illustrated book covers all topics related to golf: history, technique, course, rules, equipment, competition, etc.
Cleverly arranged and finished off with a superb cover, it’s also a beautiful object to put on the coffee table. You can snack on it as an appetizer or… devour it if you’re really hungry!

The backpacking golfer

Around the world of exceptional routes by Iain Spragg and Frank Hopkinson
(Talent Sports – €29.90)

Over 80 legendary courses are presented here in their finest finery in this beautiful book edited by Iain Spragg and Frank Hopkinson. These British journalists traveled the world to bring us stunning, unobstructed shots of a myriad of manicured jewellery. While the United States and Great Britain naturally take a big chunk, France is not far behind in presenting four national must-sees, from the Evian Resort Golf Club to the always highly rated Golf de Sperone in Corsica. .

The amateur golfer

Sap: your life through the lens by David Cannon
(Vision Sports Publisher – €38)

Oh the Ballesteros! “. Each one of us (finally those who are beginning to have a certain age) has already heard in France this name that has become common and that describes the blow resulting from an inextricable situation. That is, if the place of Spanish is great in the hearts of golfers, and not just French ones. The great photographer David Cannon, who has become a close friend of Seve, has compiled his best snapshots as well as family photographs that summarize the life of the eternal champion who died 10 years ago. Various moving testimonies (in English) accompany this wonderful photo album.

the classic golfer

The golf by Percy Boomer
(Albin Michel – €20)

Among the great classics of golf literature, the book by Percy Boomer, former teacher at St-Cloud and brother of Aubrey Boomer, five-time French Open winner, occupies a prominent place. Bible of the famous coach David Leadbetter, this essay, written in 1946, is full of very colorful advice that goes without illustrations. During the famous Harvey Penick’s Little Red Bookfascinates with the modernity of his words.

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