Parity goal for francophone golf: more and more women on the green

This weekend we will play the Ladies European Open, an international golf competition for women. It is also the most prestigious competition in this sport.

In Belgium, golf is finding more and more of its female audience. They thus represent a third of the members of the Francophone Golf Federation. A complete success, since the sporting habits of women are unfavorable for the rise of this figure. “Women often play sports outside sports federations, outside sports clubs”says Françoise Jolly, president of the Naxheler golf club. “You have to motivate them and get them to join the clubs by showing them that they have their place, like men”.

The presence of women is a goal in its own right for the Francophone federation, which has given itself 3 years to achieve parity in the courses. To do this, it offers an initiation offer of six weeks for €139, with a schedule adapted to working hours. “Either in the afternoon or on weekends to adapt more easily to your active life, supervised in a group of women to feel at ease”says Emilie Geury, General Secretary of the Francophone Golf Association.

For a regular practice, count about €200 of equipment and €1,000 of contribution per year. Maybe you will be our future golf star?

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