Pass a Tractor Without Seeing a BMW Go By, Montory Involuntary Manslaughter Trial

A 26-year-old woman was sentenced to one year in prison for involuntary manslaughter by the Pau court on Thursday for an accident in Soule, Montory, on June 27, 2019. The accident occurred at the end of the day around 5:30 hours, on a secondary road. Two cars wanted to overtake a tractor, there was a collision between the two vehicles: a Golf and a BMW. A woman of German descent was killed, skinned in the collision, she was with her husband in the convertible BMW.

I didn’t realize it could be a danger

The defendant admitted that she had no he didn’t look in the outside mirror before leaving. In court, she seems remorseful and feverish, blurts out quietly: “Until the accident, he was not aware that he could be a danger to others.The defendant, in her Golf, was traveling at about 50 km/h and the BMW was traveling at 110 km/h on a road limited to 80 km/h.

The young woman trembles sometimes. Especially when the president of the Pau court, Myriam Dasté, told her that if she had respected the law, “a woman would still be alive“. No response from the defendant who cried a little and also said that she remembers little of this accident that happened in a straight line. shock after spending the day in Soule at the Kakuetta Gorges with friends.

electronic bracelet

The prosecutor, Orlane Yaouanq, is almost annoyed: “I find it paradoxical to say ‘it’s a bit of my fault but not entirely because the BMW tried to pass me and I was going too fast’. In reality, the defendant does not check the blind spot. When he passes the tractor, the BMW was already passing her..” A prosecutor who points out that it is difficult to criticize the victim when you drive without insurance and without a license And knowing the victim was skinned to death on this Montory road.

The defendant was sentenced to one year in prison, a sentence that can be adjusted with the use of an electronic bracelet. He is banned from driving a vehicle for three years.

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