Pauline Roussin-Bouchard: “My first hole in 1 in 10 years!”

paulina roussin-bouchard ©LPGA

Radiant and smiling as always, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard recounted her hole in 1 on the LPGA website, the American women’s circuit in which she dreamed of evolving and which she will join next year after a final round of 18 holes to complete this Sunday. .

“In training we laughed with my caddy, my coach and my physio, that it had been 10 years since I made a hole in one” , said the player who proudly wears the logo of her university, the South Carolina Gamecocks, on her polo shirt. “And I was like, ‘This is the perfect week to hit a hole-in-one.’ Last week I put a ball really close to the pin and this week it was the perfect distance, the perfect trajectory and perfect backspin.

Dedication to your physio

After retrieving his ball from the bottom of the hole, PRB took a marker out of his bag and wrote “For François” on his own. “During the training matches, we agreed that if I made a hole in the 1 this week, I would give the ball to François mi Physio»Habs explained.

Even if he is aware that she is guaranteed to finish in the top 20 with a 23-shot lead over the first group of players ranked above 20th placeAlain Alberti’s student in Massane wants to finish in style this 8-lap marathon in which she has never returned cards above 69!

“For the last two years since I’ve been in the States, I’ve worked hard to be ready for those two weeks. I worked on all aspects of my game and even when I feel like I’m missing something, I have other keys to fall back on. So if I’m 70 percent of my game, I can be 100 percent of that 70 percent. In the last 7 rounds, I had solid putts, solid approaches, and solid driving.


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