Professional player Mike Lorenzo Vera sets up his golf academy in Cap-d’Agde

The former 65 in the world won the tender launched by the municipality.

“I trained for five years at the Cap-d’Agde golf course and these are clearly my best years in competition.” At 37 years old, Mike Lorenzo Vera, who three years ago was ranked 65th in the world ranking, continues to fight on the European circuit.

But the last two years, interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, have clearly not lived up to their expectations. “There was an air pocket, recognize. But I feel like my game is improving.”

A team to manage daily contingencies

However, the last few months have not been sterile. Thanks to a tender published by the municipality, Mike Lorenzo Vera has just been awarded the entire Cap-d’Agde golf course. “My wife has been talking to me for a while now about starting my own academy”, recognize. What has been done since April 1.

Based in Girona, Spain, participating in European tournaments several weeks a year, the player will obviously not be around on a daily basis. Benoît Clerici, recently retired from the Golf national de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, will be the director of the structure, supported by Agathois Timothée Lopez and Nicolas Saucerotte, for the lesson part. “We started slowMike warns. The new driving range is not finished yet, but we will have a great tool. Which I will supplement with swing analysis tools and a gym.”

Kind by nature, the Basque wishes “That the players who call us above all have a good time. Then the experience will change: we want them to be able to touch the preparation of a professional player. Accompany them as closely as possible, so that their progress is as regular as possible.

while he stays “at least” Ten years of professional career, Mike Lorenzo Vera does not refrain from developing his academy in other French golf courses. “But first we have to try here”, he warns. On the greens of Capagathois, his mood is already unanimous.

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