“Rafael Nadal overcomes adversity like few people in the world.”

Fernando Meligeni launches a challenge on Twitter involving Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. The former Brazilian tennis player, semi-finalist at Roland Garros in 1999 and currently a sports commentator, has launched a survey on his social profile about the Big 3 of tennis.

“Suppose your life depends on one of the three. It would depend on a game, a shot, a challenge. Djokovic, Nadal or Federer. His victory would save you. Who would you choose? Why?” This is the question that the former number twenty-five in the world left his followers.

While the poll was ongoing, a user asked Meligeni what he would vote on his own question. “You asked and I will answer,” the former Brazilian player wrote later.

‘In that case, my choice would be Nadal’ In the tweet, he also explained why he chose Nadal and under what conditions he would choose. the Spanish. “He gave his life for the cause, he came out all covered in mud, with the attitude of a warrior.

He would leave everything he has. And that’s what would put my mind at ease,” Meligeni said.

First Nadal, then Federer and Djokovic

Meligeni’s words are also reflected in the final result of the survey.

Out of a total of 3,334 votes, the champion of Spain wins, with 47% of the votes. The Spaniard almost overcame his opponents: Roger Federer finished second, with 28% of the votes; Novak Djokovic is third, with 25% of the votes obtained.

Some users, following Meligeni’s question to the letter, decided to explain why they gave their vote. Nadal at his best, would give his life for the game, without giving up, overcomes adversity like few others, finds solutions where there are none.

Everything is played, until the last point”, is the comment of a user, who wanted to tell the reasons why he voted for Nadal.

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