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AJL in Socoa in 2012. LSPB DR

If there is a book that every golfer should always have on the bedside table or on the table in the living room, it is this: the Dictionary of Golf Lovers, written by our friend André-Jean Lafaurie, a famous journalist who sadly passed away in October 2014 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

In this book that Ediciones Plon has the good idea of ​​republishing, this week, in its Pocket Books collection (13 euros), everyone will find what they are looking for and especially what they are not looking for. That is to say everything about golf: its history, its legends, its exploits and its heroes, its legendary courses and its original anecdotes, etc.

André-Jean wrote twenty-five books throughout his life: divided between his passion for golf and his love for the Basque Country. His dictionary of love summarizes the essentials of a life dedicated – between European Golf and Canal + where he formed, with Bernard Pascassio, a couple of commentators who until now it has been impossible to replace – to this sport of passion, having earned the respect of all . , beginning with the members of the R&A who admitted him to their ranks.

Let all those who have not yet rush to their bookseller to buy this jewel of unpublished knowledge, historical science, humor and pleasure! Lafaurie dipped his pen in rigor as well as in laughter, in precision as well as in poetry. His talent shifted easily from one mood to another. You never bother with your Dictionary, you learn a lot. Keep on hand.

Just before his death, I asked him why he had also written novels published by Anne Carrière. She told me: “Because in Euskadi we ask ourselves the question: does the sea drive you crazy, or do you have to be crazy to go to the sea? Novelist is sculpting the human mass. It is shaping an imaginary until it becomes real for the reader. lie, truth “.

With golf, he always wrote only flirting with the romantic he adored as much as the truth. Like the music he played on his piano accompanied by friends: respecting the score did not prevent improvisation.

You have an appointment with golf, all golf, in this Dictionary that should be made compulsory with the license.

Golf Lovers Dictionary, by André-Jean Lafaurie, L’Abeille Plon, 13 euros.

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