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Rory McIlroy believes it is time to forgive Phil Mickelson for his recent controversial positions in the Super Golf League sponsored by LIV Golf Investments and Saudi Arabia, so that he can quickly return to the top level.

Phil Michaelson has drawn the ire of many commentators since his recent stance in favor of the Super Golf League, a competitive circuit on the PGA Tour. Himself highly critical of Lefty, Rory McIlroy however, he believes that it is time to forgive the left-handed magician to see him again soon in tournaments. “We all make mistakeshe said Wednesday on the sidelines of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. But we also need to be able to be forgiven when we apologize, in order to move on.“.

He will return and I hope that the public is happy with his return.

Rory McIlroy

At 51, Mickelson had remarkably pointed the finger hateful greed » from the PGA Tour which could push him to opt for the SGL, financially supported by Saudi Arabia, to the detriment of the almighty American circuit, despite its “lack of respect for human rights and in particular towards homosexuals“. A provocative speech guided by his desire to shake the American institution.”Without a doubt, it is a unique opportunity to improve the way the PGA Tour operates.“, he concluded.

Many of the San Diego golfer’s sponsors let him go despite his public apologies., especially through social networks. Magnanimous, McIlroy does not wish to shoot the wounded beast. “Phil was a wonderful ambassador for golf and continues to be a wonderful ambassador for golf. It is unfortunate that some comments he thought were private are being used at his expense. He will return and I hope that the public is happy with his return.“.

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