Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque: taekwondo shines in competition in Barcelona

A world-class weekend for Saint-Laurent taekwondo, which is reaping cups.

The Salanquais club has committed six fighters to the prestigious XXII International Taekwondo Jordan Famc in Barcelona. A choice that turned out to be the right one because this meeting, popular with fighters from all over the south of France and Catalonia, brought together more than 350 taekwondists. A reference in the world of this sport.

Reinforced thanks to the good experience gained during their recent trips and various internships in Montpellier, Prades-le-Lez, Bealmont-sur-Rance or even Clermont-Ferrand, Lorenzo Garcia, Claire Liotard and Ambre Caretteros arrive in Santacreu, after a series of arduous -fights fought, on the highest step of the podium. They win a superb gold cup. For a first participation of this scale, Anas and Soufiane Youssefi reach a very honorable third place and are rewarded with a bronze cup. Mathis, the youngest of the adventure, will fall in the quarterfinals by a difference of two small points, despite a superb fight where he did not give up.

After the health restrictions due to Covid-19 and the cessation of collective training and competitions, the club is recovering brilliantly. President Michel Liotard and the coaches are proud of the progress of their students, these competitive wrestlers who hog the medals and cups.

Saint-Laurent taekwondo recently moved to Nîmes for an eight-hour technical course led by Master Lee Von Silk (8th Dan) and Master Sébastien Arino (6th Dan). The opportunity for young athletes to take advantage of their wisdom and the technique that they transmit with passion. In short, more than 800 km accumulated for a martial discipline in which the entire Salanquais club finds enormous pleasure. Despite the fatigue, the complicity and the great solidarity shown by young and old made it possible to dissipate the moments of doubt on this emotional day in Barcelona.

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