Scottie Scheffler: ‘I play golf because I try to glorify God’

Scottie Scheffler is engaged. “The reason I play golf is because I try to glorify God for everything he does in my life,” he says. Augusta Masters winner. Now number one in the world, he takes advantage of his status to declare. “For me, my identity is not a golf score,” says the 25-year-old. “What I want to feel on the golf course is peace and fun. And just feel his (God’s) presence,” he added during a press conference after his victory in Augusta.

a christian environment

To accompany him, Scottie Scheffler can count on the support of his wife, with whom he “always” prays for peace. “I will love you and you will remain the same person. Jesus loves you and nothing changes,” Meredith told him before the final day of competition. These poignant words suggest the solidity of love between Scottie and his wife, who have chosen to build their couple in constant connection with God. And not in the success of the golfer!

In addition to his wife, he also chose to be accompanied by a Christian caddy. Ted Scott thus carries his bag and advises him during the competition. The two men met during a Bible study conducted by professional golfers. “Then he called me and said: ‘I really want to work with a Christian. That’s how I try to live my life,’ says Scottie Scheffler’s partner at the end of the Augusta Masters, with digital protestant.

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