Son of Gary Player banned for life in Augusta

Wayne Player, the son of Gary Player, was officially banned for life from the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club. During the opening ceremony of the 2021 Masters, he displayed on the axis of a camera a box of balls (on the right in the photo) of which his father is an official brand ambassador.

The scene had shocked a large number of viewers! And more in general the world of social networks. During the opening ceremony of the Masters 2021, Wayne playerthe son of the legendary gary playerholder of honor of the Masters with Jack Nicklaus and the afternoon old man reads (disappeared a few months later), had found nothing better than showing off in full camera, while he stared at Lee Elder sitting on a chair, a box of balls (Vero X1) from the OnCore brand whose father is the ambassador.

A marketing trick that backfired on its author as it has just been, according to golf summarybanned for life within the limits of theAugusta National Golf Club. Despite an appeal for mercy launched by Wayne Player himself and a resounding apology to members of the Georgian institution, nothing worked. Removed!

“You have ruined a special moment in golf history”

In their response, they thanked me for reaching out and apologized.explains the main stakeholder. They even wrote that they had accepted my apology, but did not change their position. They would not reconsider their decision. “You have ruined a special moment in the history of the game of golf,” they added. »

Not really a “handsome player” despite this unforgivable mistake, Wayne Player later became more offensive after the sanction was passed, alluding to the affront made against the Player family name, and in particular the fact that his father, a three-time Masters winner in 1961, ’74 and ’78, never received full membership of the famed club. Unlike Jack Nicklaus and arnold palmeralso a former honorary holder who died in 2016.

One more provocation this year with Player Father?

It pains me that Augusta National has not invited my father to become a full member.the son continues. We all know there are a lot of criteria here, but no one has represented the game of golf better than Gary Player. Why didn’t they? Pity ! »

However, one may wonder if this radical decision was not made at the end of the last Masters won by scottie scheffler. Gary Player, still an honorary starter with Jack Nicklaus and tom watsonLee Elder’s “replacement” had indeed appeared Thursday morning at dawn with the sponsor of the saudi golf printed on his polo collar. The Saudi League, which, it should be remembered, through the LIV Golf Invitational wanted by Greg Norman, seeks to gain a foothold in the professional golf circuit with millions of dollars to the detriment of the PGA Tour or even world tour dp. One more provocation among the Players, or a simple thoughtlessness? Who knows !

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