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The winners of the French Federation of Medalists for Youth and Sport and Community Life were received at the prefecture to receive their awards.

The award ceremony for the “Medals of Youth and Sports and Associative Commitment” was held in the halls of the prefecture. The prefect, Xavier Brunetière, was especially surrounded by DASEN, Farid Djemmal, the president of CDOS 32, Guy Glaria, the departmental councillor, Charline Dumont, the president of the Gers Medalists, Alain Bovo. The different speeches of the personalities focused on the values ​​of sport and volunteering.

Farid Djemmal recalled that “The Gers welcomes, in all sectors combined, 5,000 associations, whose purpose is culture, sport and leisure. To animate all these structures, we have some 50,000 volunteers”.

During the ceremony, 44 volunteers, including 18 women, received the bronze medal.

The women medalists

Extracurricular activities: Pascale Mevel. Basketball: Berengère Labit. Bowling and skittles: Jeannine Persoglia. Cycling: Dominique Abeilhe. Swimming: Sandrine Ducamin, Geneviève Ferraroni. Judo: Isabelle Bournat, Francoise Rouby. Gymnastics: Marie-Thérèse Belestin, Josette Chaubell, Claire Nicolas. Culture, leisure, entertainment and heritage: Marie-Thérèse Baud-Gers, Madeleine Pefau, Odette Roubertou. Rugby: Gaëlle Capitaine, Joëlle Gourgues, Annie Tomasella, Claudine Valade.

The male medalists

Football: Guy Cavaillon. Golf: Jean-Paul Coplo. Modern Pentathlon: Gilles Gonzales. Fishing: Rene Loubet. Culture and sport: Bastien Porta. Basketball: Joseph Baldassare. Bowling and skittles: Pierre Burgan. Cycling: Daniel Luchet. Swimming: Christophe Ducamin, Christian Jobelot. Solidarity-humanitarian: Pierre Buffo, Alain Scudellaro. Shotokan Karate: Xavier Bourbiaux, Fabrice Lalanne, Pascal Leze. Judo: Pascal Agras, Jacques Barrieu, Grégoire Cabassy, ​​Philippe Mesnard, Joël Soumeilhan. Rugby: André Barayre, Jean-Claude Carde, Jacques Collignon, Michel Darparens, Marc Gauguin, Franck Tomasella.

The presentation ceremony of the 5 gold and 9 silver medalists was held on March 8, 2022 also in the halls of the prefecture.

Gold: Marie-Thérèse Betracq, Alain Bovo, Philippe Dumoussaud, Jacqueline Bonneau and Christian Dupouy.

Silver: Alain Pradines, Néhémie Valla, Sylvie Labat, Danièle Cros, Gérard Brazzalotto, Daniel Cabassy, ​​Max Oulé, Hélène Scudellaro, Michel Paillas.

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