Success despite the rain for the Golf Tournament of Entrepreneurs of La Nouvelle-Beauce

Photo: Courtesy – DENB

Although it was raining for the New Beauce Business People Golf Tournament on June 9, more than 250 businessmen and women took to the greens at Sainte-Marie Golf Club and the Dorchester Golf Club in Frampton.

under the theme Dare to build differently for this 35me edition, during the tournament organized by Développement économique Nouvelle-Beauce on 40me anniversary of the Beauce Atlas company.

The honorary presidents of the event, Germain and Nicolas Blais de Beauce Atlas, also approached 29 other companies to present a $30,000 check to the organizers.

This amount, added to the benefits of the event, will allow DENB to continue with its mission of supporting entrepreneurs in the start-up or growth of their business projects.

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