Taekwondo, the season begins in Hitia’a

The first Taekwondo match of the season was held on Saturday, February 19, in Hitia’a. The Taiarapu Cup, organized by the club from the peninsula, brought together a hundred competitors.

The first Taekwondo match of the season took place today at the Hitia’a sports center, inaugurated in 2021. The Taiarapu Cup organized by the club on the peninsula brought together a hundred competitors. A total of twelve clubs involved with the presence of fighters from the islands of the Tahaa, Raiatea and Moorea clubs, a novelty and an opportunity for these young sportsmen from the islands. The meetings were intense, even for the children.

The most “popular” matchup: the team finals. It was introduced last year. Only the breastplate points are counted. An intense exercise for the participants and that requires more strategy for the coaches.

For the minimum and youth categories, the Tahaa and HVM club lost to Tepunahiti.

This event kicks off training for the World Cadet Championships in Bulgaria and the World Senior Championships in November in Cancun, Mexico.

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