Taravao: high school students introduced to taekwondo

At Taiarapu Nui Comprehensive High School, lunchtime is not synonymous with idleness or violence. Sport, theater or even braiding… Since the start of the school year in September 2021, the educational team offers introductory workshops. Example with Mike Papara who teaches taekwondo.

At Taiarapu Nui Comprehensive High School, more and more people are signing up for the various workshops on offer. Mike Papara’s taekwondo lessons are a hit. In his workshop, the young people keep smiling, even when he pulls and hurts!

Philippe is a teacher in the construction industry, but as a 2nd dan black belt, he shares his love of Korean martial arts with his students. If he teaches them the secrets of the perfect kick, he also teaches them discipline, self-control, and above all, respect for others.

Discipline attracts high school students. For management, the goal is simple: allow students to do activities they can’t do at home or at least outside of high school.

Respect before, during and at the end of the session. A value that is anchored in them from now on. Taiarapu Nui High School has 1,300 students. 20% of them participate in these workshops.


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