Tennis is a matter of mind and discipline.


This factor comes into play from the very first shots you take in practice. This is a critical and ongoing step in mental preparation.


The creation of their own values, their own sensitivity, their own convictions according to the facts experienced…

it all combines to form a person’s mental reference points.


Learn to discover yourself. This allows a much more effective personal management of emotions.


(Before the match) You can focus on these before each match: THE RITUAL OF CONCENTRATION Tennis has many time-outs interspersed with short periods of action.

For this reason, you must be able to focus at the right time. You must be able to manage your gestures, your thoughts and your mood so that you can concentrate optimally.

SET YOUR GOALS PRECISELY The more specific your goals are, the greater your focus will be on achieving those goals. By setting goals, you set yourself up to achieve them and by doing so, you give yourself the means to succeed.

IMPLEMENTATION (During the game) THE RIGHT TO SUCCESS You have the right to play good points and perform to the best of your potential. RIGHT TO BE WRONG You have the right to be wrong, like everyone else.

Not achieving a certain goal should not frustrate you too much.


Everything you previously set can be applied during the match.

THE REPORT (After the match) The report allows you to prepare for the next match/practice. Then you can correct what went wrong on a mental level. It is preferable that the debriefing be:
REAL Looking at concrete things, for example particular points in the match that were key to victory or defeat.

PRECISELY MEASURABLE Rely on statistics that reflect your performance.
PERFORMED REGULARLY Staying mentally fit is constant work.

POSITIVE ! To make progress, be positive in all your practices.
CAPABLE OF BRINGING NEW ACTION PLANS TO LIFE A good debriefing should give you an idea of ​​how to proceed constructively.

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