The 6 key moments of the Evian Resort Golf Club in 2022

Created in 1904, the Evian Resort Golf Club, always positioned as a renowned golf course in the Alps, will once again live a year rich in events for the best professionals and amateurs.

February 5, 2022: Reopening of Evian Resort Golf Club Academy and The Lake Course

The Academy, a real stage overlooking Lake Geneva, has already reopened from Saturday, February 5! This site was designed in 2006 by a team of specialists (designers, players, champions and professionals) with the aim of purely and simply reinventing the practice of golf.

L’Evian Resort Golf Club Academy It constitutes a true paradise for golfers: 6 training modules, the latest technologies, a 6-hole course,… but also an accommodation and restaurant service within its Pazo. An essential destination for golf lovers. At the Academy, beginners are obviously also welcome, in particular through the many internship formulas available or during a free initiation day.

New for 2022, the Academy offers its visitors something new: Trackman range ! Thanks to your smartphone or from a screen available on the site, discover a new way of training, analyze your strokes or play fun mini-games.

February 26, 2022: Reopening of the Evian Resort Golf Club and The Champions Course

the mythical route the field of championsgreat deal of Amundi Evian Championship, will reopen the last Saturday of February. Its geographical location on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps offers exceptional views throughout the match. The restaurant equips” the golf villa » They are also preparing to welcome new clients, golfers or non-golfers, thanks to a reworked and innovative menu.

May 19-21: The Jabra Ladies Open

tournament sanctioned by the Women’s European Tourqualifier for the July Major and endowed with a cash prize of €250,000, the Jabra Ladies Open will bring together the best players on the European circuit during the 4th week of May on the 18-hole course of theEvian Resort Golf Club ! Spectator access will be free and open to all during this event.

Jabra Women's Open ©LET


July 21-24: The Major, The Amundi Evian Championship

Tea Amundi Evian Championshipone of the 5 great tournaments of the LPGA tour, brings together the 132 best players in the world every year. For 4 days, the latter will compete in the field of champions and you will discover who will be successful minjee lee after his coronation in 2021. On this occasion, theEvian Resort Golf Club It will allow spectators to be closer to the stars of golf, but also to live an exclusive experience within the Village for the general public, which brings together the Major partners as well as the most beautiful golf brands every year. Ticket sales for the event will be available on the tournament website. Amundi Evian Championship Coming soon.


From September 20 to 22: Amundi Evian Juniors Cup

Since 2007, the fifteen editions of Amundi Evian Juniors Cup have made it possible to reveal today’s talents, both professional and Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, Aditi Ashok Where leone maguire to name just 5, or the best amateurs in the world like pink zhang (1st in the World Amateur Golf Ranking).

Following the victory of the French team in 2021, the greatest hopes of the various international federations will compete again for 3 days to win this prestigious title.

September 24-25: The Haribo Kids Cup Grand Final

The Haribo Kids Cup It is the most important golf competition for children under 12 years of age in France. It was created in 2010 by sandrine mendiburu and it is completely part of the Galaxy” Amundi Evian Championship » organized by theEvian Resort. His grand finale will come to life on both Evian courses: the course of the lake Y the field of championsduring the last weekend of September 2022.

Photo © Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

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