The Camplagolf golf club acquired

CANTON-BÉGIN – The Camplagolf golf course was bought last October by a businessman from the Eastern Municipalities. However, it is a local businesswoman who will take care of the day-to-day administration. Currently, the new owner is carrying out works to transform the site into a four-season tourist destination. Renamed Le Nordik, the golf course will officially open on May 20 and its campsite on June 1.

“The golf season has officially started, but we are delaying the opening by a week as the course has received a lot of snow and water. We’re going to let it all dry. For regular golfers, there will be no big changes, except for a slight increase in prices”, says the new manager, Audrey Laforge. “Ryan Albers acts as a silent investor while I run the business on a day-to-day basis. It is important to point out that it was my business partner who paid only for the acquisition of the business. »

According to Ms. Laforge, Mr. Albers would have fallen in love with the site on his first visit and it would not have been difficult to convince him. “We see great potential in the land of the old Camplagolf and we have begun to carry out urbanization work. The goal is to turn it into a tourist center that will include a golf course, a campsite, habitable cabins throughout the year, access to the lake located on the edge of the field and a relay for snowmobiles in winter and mountain biking in summer. . . Additionally, Audrey Laforge specifies that in winter she wants the site to be accessible for cross-country skiing and heavy biking.

Major investments for the coming years

When it opens on May 20, patrons will discover a refreshment bar and snack bar on the premises. In addition, other services will be offered in the coming months. “There is going to be a spa-like building. We are going to offer clients massage therapy and other activities typical of relaxation centers. However, major works will affect the campsite. The two contractors intend to build a total of 150 rental cabins. “The incorporation of these infrastructures will not affect the plots for camping. We have a huge piece of land at our disposal and the accommodation solutions can coexist without any problem. »

Audrey Laforge gives herself a term of 10 years to carry out all her projects, which in total should represent more than three million dollars. She also expects to achieve profitability during this period. “I plan to open a school of paddle board for the next few years. The MRC and the Municipality of Bégin have invested $25,000 to develop the waterfront of the lake located next to our land. It is a stretch of water where only electric motors are accepted and which benefits from a certain area. Going around the lake on a board takes at least two hours. »


The two former owners will continue to work on the golf course for as long as they wish, Audrey Laforge stresses. The businessman explains that they are resourceful people with invaluable experience. “We are about eight employees at the moment and, during the summer, depending on the traffic, the Nordik should hire about fifteen people,” concludes the businesswoman.

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