The fatal careless mistake that cost Tiger Woods a second loss to the obscure Nick O’Hern

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After 7 consecutive titles during the 2007 season, Tiger Woods was stopped in his tracks in a third round loss to Homeric against Australian Nick O’Hern, who was not on his first attempt converted…

Due to its format, World Golf Championships – Dell Technologies Match Game it is a special tournament in the world calendar. But it is definitely not up to the level of his list of awards: tiger forest holds the record with 3 wins in 2003, 2004 and 2008.

Ultra Favorite Tiger Woods

At the height of his dominance and double defending champion, the Tiger began the tournament in 2005 with the status of great favorite. After getting rid of Nick Price in the 1st round, he faces another unknown Nick in the 2nd round, the Australian O’Hern, a regular on the European Tour.

Nick O’Hern is still ranked 20th in the world

With 5 top 2 finishes between 2003 and 2005, he is ranked 20th in the world. Always well placed but never a winner, this 1.85m southpaw will amass around €6m in career earnings. Upon his retirement, he will also be classified as Richest untitled player in European Tour history.

A plan that is both simple and difficult to apply

Proof that his regularity pays off, the Australian has devised a very simple plan: don’t watch the American’s confrontations that can shake his confidence and, above all, get ahead of him on the scoreboard as soon as possible. Part of the plan is not so easy to apply!

However, from the first hole, the opportunity presents itself. Her caddy even whispers to him: Come on, it’s to win the game! “. With his long putter he investigates for a first point. An advantage that he will not lose until the end win your match 3 and 1. First feat!

Place for the second duel

Two years later again, but this time in the third round. In this year 2007, Nick O’Hern is in top form. He finally won a major title -the only one- the australian pga championship and obtained a good 6th place in the 2006 US Open. He also participated in 2005 in his first Presidents Cup.

If Tiger Woods is now warned, he is also full of confidence. Even in the midst of it. The number 1 in the world arrives in Arizona with 7 consecutive titles! but in this Friday, February 23, 2007the monster will become a simple human being.

Tiger closes a 4-stroke deficit

From the start, his matchups were so erratic that he found himself 4 shots behind in the first leg… Buoyed by a crowd that had turned out in great numbers to admire the champion, the American woke up and began an incredible comeback with birdies in all directions.

At 15, Woods has already caught up. His 3-iron failed at 17 brings Nick O’Hern back into play who, thanks to a mind of steel, bends but doesn’t break. A prodigious drive on the 18th allows Woods to raise the score: the two players thus begin extra time.

a fatal mistake

On hole 1 of the playoff, Tiger Woods made a careless mistake that would be fatal. His counter places his ball 1.50 m from the hole. He just has to investigate to win the match. O’Hern prepares to congratulate him when the American misses the inevitable: the ball doesn’t even touch the hole!

Later, he will explain that he had not noticed. an unflying pitch on your line of putt… On the next hole, no doubt perturbed, he loses par unlike Nick O’Hern who gets it with a 3.5m putt. The meager applause gives way to a deafening silence.

The only one who beat Tiger Woods twice

The astonishment is general. Tiger Woods has just lost in match play for the second time against the same player. Unimaginable!

This kind of feat is to be told about to your grandchildren! Nick O’Hern would testify later. Now an active retiree, Father of two soon-to-be-bearing children, the Wallaby has something to feed some of his most beautiful fables soon.

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