The first lithium battery mowers delivered to Golf National and Biarritz

The Golf de Biarritz and the Golf National received, at the end of last week, the first lawnmowersreens with lithium battery…” and this is only the beginning of a long series”, according to the Jacobsen company. It is, in any case, one more step in the general quest to make golf greener.

It is a recognized fact: golf constantly tries to be more and more ecological. Less fertilizer, better water management or a reflection on the pastures used, the initiatives are numerous. It is also in the team, and in particular the outfielders who work the courses.

In this dynamic, the Golf of Biarritz le Phare Y national golf received last week the first Eclipse 360 ​​Jacobsen lithium battery greens mowers to be unveiled in France. We had seen the first one on the American circuit, in Florida at Bay Hill during the Arnold Palmer.

These are greens mowers that have the particularity of carrying lithium batteries. The Jacobsen brand already offered electric lawnmowers, but with lead batteries, much less ecological than lithium ones


More expensive but…

These new machines are undeniably more expensive than the equivalent thermal ones, as they are 50% more than the purchase price. But the advantages are numerous to moving towards your vehicles. ” First it is lighter on the greens compared to the weight of the battery and therefore protects them.explains the land manager of the Golf of Biarritz, patrick bernard. They do not require maintenance of the batteries and much less of the motor; also without fuel. Finally, they do not cause noise pollution for the operator, golfers and local residents. “.

©Nathan Cardet/Planet Golf

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