The hole in Augusta National that scared Helen Westwood, Lee’s wife and caddy

Lee Westwood Helen Westwood ©Masters 2022 Masters Tournament

The extremely mountainous course of Augusta National has been a hot topic of conversation for the past week. Mainly because all observers wondered if Tiger Woods could return there with a badly damaged right leg after his serious car accident in February 2021. But for Helen Westwood, it is also the most difficult tour in which she had to carry the bag! of her husband!

wife and shopping cart Lee Westwood several years, Helen Westwood was questioned by our colleagues from Sun in his mission of augusta. In particular, he explained that she “Sometimes I felt like an octogenarian” with Lee’s bag on his back

“Augusta is without a doubt the most difficult course I’ve ever caddyed on, and the thought of hitting the 8th hole always fills me with dread.” she says.

“The hole is all uphill and the incline is steep! I feel like it’s 45 degrees the total length of the hole.” she added.

As if he smoked 60 cigarettes a day!

A fitness teacher and therefore well trained, she suffers a lot in this endless par 5. “When I get to the green, I am totally out of breath. It’s like smoking 60 cigarettes a day! »

Television doesn’t capture the high elevations of the countryside well, and Helen Westwood has learned to distrust it. As a result, she tries to lighten her husband’s bag as much as possible.

Eliminate the superfluous!

“Before I start, I look at everything in the bag and ask these kinds of questions:” Do we really need that bottle of water? There’s water on every shirt ”. We played a practice game with Shane Lowry and I weighed his bag, and mine was much heavier. I could have sworn Lee was hiding some concrete blocks or weights in there if he hadn’t checked carefully. »

Helen has been carrying her husband’s bag since 2018 and also explains how weird it was caddying at the 2020 Masters when there were no fans in Augusta.

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