The Moroccan Inès Laklalech among the elite of women’s golf

Among the enigmas of the Universe, the real ones or the most eccentric, invented to make ordinary mortals talk or laugh in living rooms, or even now, in the playgrounds of the time of happy childhoods, there is one that It has stood the test of time and the memory of men.

In order to embarrass the interlocutor, the following question was asked: who came to earth first, the chicken or the egg? If you answered the chicken that we told you about, then it is that at the beginning there was an egg, from which the chicken came out… Discussion that will never end but that we thought it pertinent to remember, not to laugh for a long time. move but clarify the minds of certain sports specialists. Indeed, the example of the chicken and the egg, if we transfer it to the media-sports field, we would find that our fellow journalists always manage to have the best role. Thus golf, a sport that continues to suffer from catastrophic prejudice.

When a golfer or a golfer breaks the glass ceiling and crosses the walls of fame, our bewildered brothers lament on the subject: “We were not aware, the FRMG (Royal Moroccan Golf Federation) makes no effort to communicate, nor for bringing this sport of the rich to the reach of the popular masses”. Allow us here to introduce ourselves as advocates of golf, its leaders and champions and come to clarify that for golf, its leaders make infinitely more efforts to convince the media than any other federation .

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But there is no worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear or even look to see what is around him. Golf is a sport as old as the world, its origins in Morocco are lost in the mists of time, at the beginning of the 20th century.the century. We are in full 21the century and it is heartbreaking to see that clouded minds continue to say that golf is this or it is not that. So when a nugget from the Royal Golf of Mohammedia is about to conquer the world, the first surprised are our press men and they start singing their refrain: “Nobody told us, golf is a closed and open sport only for some” …etc. etc…

However, nothing could be further from the truth and those who have had the pleasure of being interested in this sport know what it is about. Golf existed before the appearance of the sports press, finally the one that is practiced now with fellow feathers and microphones who have neither memory nor desire to see what happens in the clubs, still open to everyone, but what do you want Raja appeal. and another Wydad is more attractive, perhaps. And making populism under the pretext of being popular is easier than going in search of information. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about. This is the journalist’s job, to inform in order to inform.

And as for many it was not so, this Tuesday, December 21, when the young Moroccan Inès Laklalech got her place in the LET and its prestigious tournaments where Inès will be in “full category”, that is, in full access to the competitions of the women’s world calendar. Of the 128 golfers who participated this week in Madrid, only the top 20 could qualify.

Of the 128 golfers who participated this week in Madrid, only the top 20 could qualify.

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Inés will be in good company but without her friend Lina Belmati (24 years old) from the Royal Golf of Dar Es Salam who could not pass the “CUT” and only obtained the partial category that gives access to certain “LEAVE ACCESS” tournaments in 2the European division. Two young Moroccans among the elite of women’s golf, not three counting the well-known champion Maha Haddioui, a native of Agadir and a connoisseur of world tournaments.

In conclusion, although it is shown that the country’s golf policy is bearing very good fruit and we can boast of its economic success, let us say that great things have been done on the media side. And to the companions, waiting for their minds to forget the prejudices that are beginning to date, let us hope that they have the decency or the gratitude to pay tribute to their glorious elders, such as the late Kadmiri Ken, or Mani Benjelloun, who passed away last August and that includes the monthly magazine “Golf du Maroc” and the site, full of documents and information.

Without forgetting the pioneer Kamal Lahlou who, in the 1970s, by founding the magazine GET (Golf, Horse Riding and Tennis) gave a privileged place to a sports discipline to which he was dedicated. Today, golf is advancing by leaps and bounds. The future is promising, as evidenced by its wonderful young women, whom everyone will now hear about. And very unfortunate those who are wrong in the shot or rather in the journalistic “cut”.

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