The pleasure of Anaïs Meyssonnier at the Montauban Ladies Open

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After the second friendly day between professional players and members yesterday, it is the turn of today’s competition at the Montauban l’Estang golf course.

This time the concentration will be extreme. Starting at 8 in the morning (and even earlier with the opening of training sessions for the first female runners), the competition will be in full swing with the participation of some of the best European players on the Montalbana stage of the LETAS (European circuit reserved for women and that will give access to the European Tour). Among them, Anaïs Meyssonnier will be one of the Tricolores to watch during her three days, although the one who plays more often at the top level is not especially expected in Montauban. “I know Montauban because it is the third time I am there. It is true that this time it was not particularly on the program (smiles). Some things lead me to be present and I can only It is a place that I like and the organizing team around Jérôme Bottero is excellent,” says the player with a broad smile. After five weeks of tournaments on the LET (European tour), Anaïs Meysonnier should normally be resting. Be that as it may, she will take advantage of her stay in Tarn-et-Garonne to arrange certain details. “I’m not here on vacation but I’m not here in dragon mode either (smiles). I’m here mostly to have fun and try things before my next tournament in the Czech Republic. try to find solutions, especially with chipping (rolling approach to get to the green, editor’s note), but don’t worry, when you start, you’re not there to throw everything away, because sometimes when you don’t have a goal you do well (laughs) “. Once again, everything is possible today in the Montalban field. We will follow the French, among them Yvie Chaucheprat from Toulouse, who will want to do as well as hers for the first two days of last season, or the German Chiara Noja, who won last week in Prague and who arrives in good form in Tarn- et-Garonne. One thing is for sure, you cannot miss your outing today to stay in the leading pack through the weekend. Despite everything, Anaïs Meyssonier intends to be part of the leading car, especially because she enjoys the route, even if not everything was perfect last time: “The first time I made the Top 10, and the last time I had completely lost my last day (smiles). The pitch is great and great things can be done here.”

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