The “Rozner Academy in La Boulie” seeks excellence

Created by Pierre-Henri Leclerc and Olivier Rozner (photo) and scheduled to launch at the start of the school year in September 2022, the Rozner Academy in La Boulie aims to differentiate itself by offering very high-level golf coaching supervised by recognized professionals. and quality pre-high school education. Discovery.

By Lionel Vella

To differentiate ourselves from other equivalent structures and in relation to my experience as a former player, we set ourselves the challenge of creating a very complete and high-performance squad within the “Academy”. When I was still playing professionally, I had good coaches, but I didn’t have a full team around me. In fact, I got it too late. »

Olivier Rosenerformer golfer challenge tour and thetour of the alps, explains here the genesis of this ambitious project, which combines high-level sports and a quality school curriculum. With Pierre-Henri Leclerccoach in RCF La BoulieThey have thus launched an ambitious program that will see the light of day next September.

Specific programs, flexible hours

This training center located within the infrastructure of La Boulie, in the city of Versailles (78), offers students, who must be members of the Racing Club de France golf school, specific programs and flexible schedules that allow them to acquire solid sporting skills.

At the same time, these remain within theDiagonal Schoola private educational establishment without a contract with flexible hours, a school program (from 4th to Terminale) to reconcile the unbridled practice of their passions and studies up to Baccalaureate (and even beyond).

5 star staff

The great force of Rozner Academy in La Boulie It is above all to provide its students with a team worthy of a true training center, like the one that can be found in other sports such as football or rugby, for example.

In addition to Pierre-Henri Leclerc and Olivier Rozner, both graduates of DEJEPS (State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport), we can count on the experience of several specialists in the various fields of action.

  • anthony schwartzplacing the specialist and former professional player on the Challenge Tour and the Alps Tour
  • cedric deschampsphysical trainer for the RCF La Boulie golf school and physical trainer forantoine roznertwo time winner of world tour dp
  • makis chamalidispsychologist specialized in mental performance, trainer of the French Golf Federation (FFG) and various professional players
  • paul olivephysiotherapist-osteopath of Antoine Rozner but also of the team of PSG women’s soccer
  • Beatrice Burgiyoga teacher, trainer of several elite athletes
  • olivier rouillondoctor of Racing 92 and former FFG doctor.

A godfather named Antoine Rozner

And the icing on the cake, our godfather is Antoine Roznerproudly adds Olivier, his older brother. He will come three times a year to be with the youngsters, train with them, sit at a table to debate, talk about career management, etc. »

Initially, it is a very high level accesscontinues Olivier Rozner. We will start with young people who are around 14 years old. But those who already have their baccalaureate can also be part of the structure… This is intended to reflect the personal of a professional golf player… We really want to emphasize that. We want players to have their toolbox, in this case this squad. When you have such a structure around you, you only think about one thing, aiming for a goal and hitting the ball, all other factors are under control… »

The ultimate goal is obviously to place as many players as possible at the highest level. But not only… As Olivier Rozner explains in conclusion, the Academy can also guide its “students” on ” teaching, golf management, jobs as a greenkeeper or physical trainer… In short, there are many other things to do in the world of golf… »

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