The sexiest woman of the year is a golfer

Maxim magazine chose Paige Spiranac as the sexiest woman of the year 2022. This American golfer became known through Instagram, but never managed to break into the professional ranks.

“I broke Instagram. » Instagram golf star Paige Spiranac has been voted the sexiest woman of the year by Maxim magazine. A distinction that the 29-year-old welcomed with humility.

“I am so honored to be named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Maxim this year! When I heard the news, I kept asking them “are you sure? “because I was really incredulous”explains on social media.

“For me, being sexy is about being confident and feeling good about yourself. I have always tried to stay true to myself throughout my unconventional journey and am now so proud to follow so many amazing women who held the title years before me.” she added.

A difficult foray into the professionals

If she gained notoriety admiring her swing on Instagram, Paige Spiranac really did attempt a career in golf. After winning several junior tournaments, she earned a scholarship to play golf at the University of Arizona. She then moved to San Diego State and participated in the Aztecs’ first win in the Mountain West Conference.

In 2016, after winning a small tournament in Arizona, she tried her luck as a professional playing a few Ladies PGA Tour invitational tournaments. She fared poorly, as she finished higher than 100th each time. Y It suffered strong criticism on social networks, where its legitimacy was questioned.

“I share my story, and I have no problem showing my emotions when I talk about it, because people don’t realize how difficult it was for me, he had explained, between tears, during a press conference. Cyberbullying is a big problem and no one talks about it. It is not funny any more. It’s not “cool” to make fun of others. »

Since then, he continues to regularly post videos where they play golf and also delivers his predictions on major tournaments. like right now with the US Open.

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