The Tiger Woods Express Round Trip to Augusta

Tiger Woods traveled to Augusta on Tuesday for a final test before making a decision on his participation in the Masters in less than 10 days. Remember this crazy day that set the golf world on fire!

It was around 2:45 p.m. (French time) when the hunt began.

Golf fans and the media around the world have started following a small cloud of airplane-shaped pixels on a site that collects transponder data from every plane in the world.

The one that got all this attention had license plate N517TW, a Gulfstream G550 belonging to tiger forest.

55 minutes after taking off from Stuart Airfield in Florida, the plane landed as expected some 700 kilometers further north, at Augusta Regional Airport, Georgia.

confirmed rumor

American journalists, fan accounts, white ball lovers of all persuasions, were all in an uproar, not to say merged, and were all tweeting there.

It must be said that the information was as exciting as it was unexpected.

Therefore, the rumor was true. Tiger Woods was on his way to the site of the first major of the season to carry out one last large-scale test for a hypothetical participation in the teachers in 8 days

18 holes and that’s it

Accompanied by his son Charlie Y justin thomasTiger arrived mid-morning atAugusta National Golf Club.

According to the few people present at the scene, they hit balls on the driving range before heading onto the field. The real ! Nor the par 3 competition where it was rumored that he was content to participate in it in a week.

Woods, who no longer reappeared in an official tournament PGA Tour since the November 2020 edition of the Masters, so he wanted to assess his fitness, and certainly his competitiveness, just over 13 months later his terrible traffic accident from which he came out with a crushed leg.

At the end of this breathless day, a photo surfaced on social media. We can see Tiger Woods jumping off the back of the 9th green at sunset. In fact, the photo dates from 2019, the year of the Tiger’s last victory in Augusta.

Tiger’s plane took off again at 23:47 French time and an hour later what his fans call the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), the best player of all time, was at home.

imminent decision

To tell the truth, no real information has been leaked from this latest reconnaissance. According to a source on the siteESPN, the five-time Masters winner played all 18 holes. You will have to be satisfied.

Will he play, will he not play? Other than their relatives, no one knows at this point what the trend is. The decision must be made in hours or days. Tiger will give himself time to reflect. The desire is there, that’s all.

The fact that he has been able to walk the 18 holes of Augusta National is reassuring news for those who hope to see him at the start of the Masters next week, but that does not mean that he will be able to do it 4 or 5 times and is not predictable. nothing about your choice to play or not to play.

We suspect that if it’s just a matter of dealing with the pain, Woods is used to it and the chances of seeing him line up are great. On the other hand, let’s make sure you don’t run the risk of aggravating his injury.

On Wednesday morning, the name of Tiger Woods is still among the participants.

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