“They didn’t behave well with me at Barcelona”

After defeating Nova Djokovic in the final of the Belgrade tournament, Andrey Rublev won the 11th ATP title of his career, which is 6 ATP 250 titles and 5 ATP 500 titles. During an interview with Kommersant, the Russian tennis player returned to his goals , and also talked about what it would take for him to win an even bigger title.

Rublev also explained why he chose Belgrade instead of a top tournament like Barcelona. “I feel the Barcelona tournament as if it were my home, because I am a member of the club where it takes place, but several reasons led me to make the decision not to participate.

Last year, the organizers of the Barcelona tournament did not go very well with some players, including myself. I don’t want to give away the details, but these were very important questions, and it’s no wonder several household names (in tennis) didn’t appear on the entry list this year.

As a result, I accepted the invitation to play in the tournament in Belgrade and in the end I did not lose here. In Belgrade, I was treated 10 times better than I expected,” Rublev said.

The Russian also commented on the final played against Djokovic. “It was a great experience and a great game. The whole stadium cheering for Novak was normal, I knew it would be.”

Novak had a day off before the final, and I didn’t, so I didn’t expect to have a better chance if the game went on too long. I told myself that he would have time to recover.

Also, I vividly remember all the times Novak managed to bounce back after marathon Grand Slam matches. I didn’t feel physically superior, no, I didn’t feel advanced (compared to him).

At the beginning of the third set, I adopted a different attitude. I think I had opportunities that I didn’t know how to take advantage of; sometimes he was stupid and sometimes he didn’t play aggressive enough.

So I tried not to make the same mistakes”, commented the Russian player. Rublev is also a player who managed to beat the fabulous three of tennis: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

“Obviously it’s a good thing when you beat such impressive masters at different points in your career,” he said of it. “You get a new experience each time that will benefit you in the future.

However, this is not comparable with titles, in particular the Masters 1000 or the Grand Slam”, Andrey Rublev clarified.

Rublev explains what he lacks to win a big trophy

“I had opportunities (to win some).

I recently had a good chance to reach the final in Indian Wells, when Nadal injured his ribs in the semi-finals. In 2021, I played the Monte Carlo and Cincinnati finals, but for these two times I didn’t know how to handle the psychological pressure, I was overwhelmed by this desire to win that I had.

I think that’s the key for me: what I miss the most is this ability to control my emotions. During big games and for whatever reason, I let negative thoughts overwhelm me, and it’s those thoughts that tell me I’m not going to win.

It is something that is wrong. Some players know how to take advantage of this moment of weakness, and it is in those moments that everything is decided,” explained Rublev, who has never won a title beyond the ATP 500.

On Carlos Alcaraz, he added: “First, he is incredibly talented and truly loves tennis. I have seen few players train with eyes as bright as his.

Second, at such a young age, he fell into good hands. The team that he has at the moment is working very well. I also have such a person by my side (talking about his coach Fernando Vicente, editor’s note), but he came into my life later, when I was 18, and then I had my best results at 21 or 22.”

Rublev also backed down from Wimbledon’s decision to exclude Russian players from the tournament. “At the moment, my team and I haven’t discussed it yet. As far as I know, we’ll talk about it shortly, but if nothing changes, I wouldn’t want to leave the grass-court tour altogether.”

Maybe I’ll go to Halle or maybe somewhere else, and after Wimbledon I’ll play on other surfaces.”

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