This golfer deprived of her championship title for being a woman

SPORT – This Tuesday, October 24, Emily Nash beat all her male opponents in a regional golf competition in central Massachusetts, United States. However, the 16-year-old American did not get the title of champion. as related The Worcester Telegram.

The golfer had not been informed of a competition rule established by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) that organized it: a girl cannot win the men’s individual tournament, nor go to the national tournament, since the winner has the right there .

“I wasn’t aware of it,” explains the interested party to The Worcester Telegram. Until he finished his race and they told him that if he won he couldn’t get the title. “She was completely disappointed,” she continues.

Without a women’s team for the fall tournament, the MIAA cleared her to join her school’s men’s team. Her score is not counted in her personal stats, but is added to her team’s, which was not selected.

He defeated the champion of the competition, Nico Ciolino, finishing the tour with 75 strokes. That’s four strokes less than him. However, it was he who received the title. Handsome player, he offered to give her the trophy, but she refused.

“About 26 golfers participated in the Men’s Fall Team Tournament,” the MIAA said in a statement. transmitted by the site Golf This Friday, October 27. The organizer specifies that he remains in his position: “It is clear that a golfer who participates in this team tournament does not participate in it at an individual level.”

On Twitter, several professional players have supported the young athlete.

“The Biggest Pile of Shit I’ve Ever Heard”

Unacceptable #emilywon

—Annika Sorenstam (@ANNIKA59) October 26, 2017

Congratulations to Emily Nash on her BIG win! 👏🏆 Keep chasing your dreams and nothing can stop you! ☺👍⛳ #Feminine

— Lexi Thompson (@Lexi) October 27, 2017

The high school golfer did not receive the first place trophy, because she is a girl through the @FoxNews application. 2017. Really?

— Curtis Strange (@golf_strange) October 25, 2017

A high school golfer doesn’t win the championship trophy because she’s a girl. Really?

“I didn’t even win the women’s tournament, so it was good to win the men’s,” the golfer laughs. She plans to continue golf when she goes to college. “It would have been very nice to put this win on her resume,” her father testifies. after The Worcester Telegram. “But technically there’s nothing. It’s almost like he never played there.”

Next spring, this time her participation in the women’s competition should be taken into account.

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