Tiger Woods: “I think I can win!”

Tiger Woods has decided to start the 86th Masters in history that begins this Thursday. Very seriously injured in February 2021 in Los Angeles during a car accident, the five-time winner of the green jacket returns, a year and a half after his last outing. He went to… Masters in November 2020!


tiger forest, 46, will line up at the Masters this Thursday! Your tests done March 30th then on April 3, therefore, they were found to be positive. In fact, the Tiger had come for the first time to measure himself, especially his right leg, bruised during a terrible car accident in February 2021 in Los Angeles, in the company of his son. Charlieand your friend, justin thomas before returning on Sunday for another reconnaissance.

He even put it back on Monday for nine additional holes with Justin Thomas (him again) and couples. the winner of Master’s degree 1992Impressed by the quality of play of the five-time winner of the green jacket, he even let loose by declaring that he would see Tigre win next Sunday.

As we speak, I’m going to play the Masters “He launched into the conference room. Although he also added that he was still giving himself nine holes this Wednesday to play definitively this 86th edition, although it is already historic. Confident, he also replied that he ” he was in a position to win the tournament on Sunday. I think I can win. »

I’ll decide to hang up when I feel like I can’t win anymorehe added, showing here his great determination. But I feel like I can still do it. I love competition. I still have my hands for it. I had known much worse situations and I kept playing, and winning! Physically, this week’s challenge will not be worrying about my ball stroke or my golf game. No, it will just be the hills here. Yes, it will be a challenge. The challenge of a great marathon. »

973rd player in the world this week

Tiger Woods at the Masters, there are 23 appearances between 1995 and 2020. He crossed the cut 22 times, played 90 rounds (50 under par) with an average score per round of 70.87. His highest card (77) was signed on the 3rd day of his first Masters, in 1995. He was still an amateur. Your lowest card from him? A 65 scored twice in the 3rd round of the 1997 and 2005 editions. Two of his five wins at Augusta. In the Masters alone, the Tiger won $9,566,069 in prize money.

he will share the first two rounds of this Masters 2022 with the South African Louis Oosthuizen and the Chilean Joachim Niemann, respectively 14 and 20 in the world. Tiger Woods, is in… 973rd place! The trio will kick off on Thursday at 10:34 am local time (4:34 pm in France) and then at 1:41 pm on Friday (7:41 pm in France).

Initially The Open was set as a turning point

This decision to participate in the 86th Masters in history is still very surprising since the greatest golfer of the last 25 years -if not the greatest in the history of golf- has not played an official tournament since the 2020 Masters where he held the placed 38th in the final with a terrible 10 (seven times bogey) on Sunday in the par 3 of 12!

A risky choice for the American with 82 wins over the PGA Tour (absolute register that it shares with sam snead) who however had insinuated, during the last genesis by invitation in mid-February, he was still far from having regained optimal physical shape.

He also hoped at that time to return to regular golf practice around the summer, setting himself between the lines with the goal of returning for the 150th British Open (July 14-17) held in Saint Andrew

Photo: BRIAN ROTHMULLER/Icon Sportswire/DPPI via AFP

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