Tiger Woods joins Michael Jordan and LeBron James in the circle of billionaire athletes

Beyond being a legend in his sport, with no less than 15 major titles won, golfer Tiger Woods (46) has joined basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James in the very private circle of athletes whose fortune exceeds one billion of dollars.

According to US magazine Forbes, Woods has amassed more than $1.7 billion in salaries, endorsements and more during his career. Beyond his performance-related income, which accounts for just 10% of this total, he has signed numerous contracts with big names like Nike, Gatorade, Monster Energy and TaylorMade, as well as owning a golf course design company. golf (TGR Design ), a production company for live events (TGR Live) and a restaurant (The Woods).

Last week, Forbes also estimated LeBron James’ fortune at $1 billion. The Los Angeles Lakers player has become like this the first active NBA player to reach this milestone. For comparison, Michael Jordan only became a billionaire 11 years after his retirement.

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