Tony’s friendliest moments, according to Reddit

Tony Soprano’s violent and abrasive behavior has fans clamoring for him and other HBO protagonists to be added as playable characters to Warner Bros. recently announced crossover fighting game, MultiVersus. But that doesn’t mean he’s devoid of redeeming qualities, as various points in the series show his compassion and vulnerability.

One of the greatest triumphs of The sopranos’ The six-season run is how the filmmakers repeatedly switch viewers between being afraid of Tony and being afraid for him. The softer side of him can make viewers forget that Dr. Melfi clinically diagnosed him as a sociopath when he shows the humanity that the mob boss is capable of. Reddit users created a thread about the tender moments.

Reflecting on his past in “Down Neck” (Season 1: Episode 7)

Tony’s mother is a hateful and cruel character, and it’s clear that her years of abuse had a profound effect on Tony. This episode provides insight into where this abuse began with flashbacks of Livia threatening to stick a fork in the eye of her young son.

Tony clearly had a difficult childhood, as he struggled with both his father’s criminal influence and the emotional and physical abuse inflicted by his mother. The user of Reddit, SnuggleMonster15, is amer that Tony is toujours un bon fils pour elle à l’âge adulte, disant “il essayait de bien faire avec elle et n’obtenait rien d’autre que des drames et des voyages de culpabilité back”.

Being embarrassed about who he is in “A Blow is a Blow” (Season 1: Episode 10)

Whether he is with his family or with “the family”, Tony spends most of his time with his fellow Italian Americans. He makes a conscious effort to change that in this episode, as he accepts an invitation to golf with a bunch of country club guys who aren’t of Italian descent. He comes to regret his decision when he is bombarded with offensive questions about his role in organized crime.

No one should feel like a stereotype, and that’s exactly the position that insensitive golfers have put Tony in. Reddit users were shocked by Tony’s confession to Dr. Melfi after the incident, where he said he felt “used for someone else’s entertainment, like a dancing bear.”

Dreaming of a different life in “Isabella” (Season 1: Episode 12)

Tony rarely expresses remorse for his criminal activities, but “Isabella” shows intense jealousy over her Italian neighbor who didn’t go down the organized crime route. Throughout the episode, she is seen looking longingly at Bruce Cusamano’s house, even hallucinating about a beautiful young woman who believes she lives there.

Despite the immense power and influence he wields, Tony envies Bruce for being able to live his life out of the shadows. Reddit user orincoro pointed out that Tony’s work limits his respectability, saying: “It’s a bit embarrassing having Cusamano as a neighbor. It shows that a square guy can move forward while Tony climbs the ladder with his nails.”

Learn the truth in “I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano” (Season 1: Episode 13)

Throughout the show, Tony is not considered to have the most positive relationship with his mother or his Uncle Junior. Despite this, even he didn’t expect the FBI agents to play him a recording of the two of them casually discussing how things would be better for both of them if Tony was dead.

Tony’s barbaric worldview is certainly explained by the fact that he comes from a family capable of killing their own children and nephews. Tony has to deal with a lot of unkind parents, but that takes the cake for him. Redditor heyshugitism said that Tony’s pain “is so palpable that even FBI agents feel sorry for him. It’s brutal.

Opening to Meadow in “Bust Out” (Season 2: Episode 10)

Somehow, Tony treats his real family the same way he treats his crime family, while trying to hide his true emotions from both of them. That changes in this episode when Meadow meets a drunken, contemplative Tony, who wants to make sure her daughter knows how much he loves her and how much he sees himself in her.

Even though Tony downed several cognacs while having a heart-to-heart with Meadow, it’s a sobering scene that had a profound impact on Reddit user Flocinaucinihi. They said, “I had that moment with my dad and it completely changed the way I looked at him… he was vulnerable and it hit me like a train that my parents are just people struggling in life like me.”

Finding Out His Lo Mein Isn’t In “Army Of One” (Season 3: Episode 13)

From his loving odes to gabagool (capicola) to his orange juice pulp tirades, Tony is very enthusiastic about food during The sopranos. But no crisis is more remarkable than when she walks into the office and discovers she’s been ripped off her lo mein, prompting a swearing tirade that’s one of the funniest moments ever. Soprano the history.

Tony has probably never been closer than he is here, most people know what it feels like to have food snatched from the fridge at your workplace ungracefully. Reddit users mourned Tony’s deep loss and questioned the loyalty of his subordinates who would rip the fridge tag off so harshly, Greg428 saying “he had been dreaming about it the whole time…”.

Asking Junior if he likes her in “Where’s Johnny” (Season 5: Episode 3)

One of the great themes of The sopranos it is the corrosive nature of toxic masculinity. In one of The sopranos’ In the most heartbreaking scenes, Tony challenges his placement with his family when he asks Uncle Junior why he can never say anything nice to him and wonders if Junior loves him.

Like many men his age, Uncle Junior is staunchly dedicated to upholding traditional norms of masculine behavior. Reddit users were moved to see Tony realize how limited this can be, giving them hope that he could break the chains of generational trauma that exists in his family (he doesn’t, by the way). supposed). GrapefruitFizz sums it all up by saying, “When Junior says that Tony never had the makings of a college athlete and then Tony says why do you only remember mean, hurtful things? Don’t you even love me? So sad. He gives me back every time.”

Carried off the golf course in “Unidentified Black Men” (Season 5: Episode 9)

Tony’s constant panic attacks make him instantly similar to anyone who similarly suffers from debilitating anxiety. In this episode, Tony suffers on the golf course when he learns that his cousin has inadvertently dragged the family into war with a rival crime family.

Tony normally keeps his mental health issues away from his professional life, which makes it shocking to see him bend his knees and hit the ground in front of his inferiors. This shocking image moved Reddit user CRTPTRSN, who said that Tony “looks like a helpless baby as the other guys help him sit on a bench.”

Trying to comfort his son in “The Second Coming” (Season 6: Episode 19)

What The sopranos As it nears its conclusion, it becomes clear that Tony’s mental health issues have been passed down to his son, AJ. After Tony saves the young soprano from committing suicide, he is told that he can’t bring pizza to the mental hospital where AJ is receiving treatment.

Tony is extremely harsh on AJ throughout the series, so it’s good to see him show his son some compassion here in one of the The sopranos’ best episodes. Redditor TheFire_Eagle was particularly devastated that Tony was unable to get his son pizza, saying, “Food is a great comfort to him, deprived of the only way to comfort his son that he knows best, brutal.”

Familiarize yourself with your new reality in “The Blue Comet” (Season 6: Episode 20)

The sixth and final season of The sopranos sees the criminal empire Tony built over decades crumble. Ici, dans l’avant-dernier épisode de la serie, il est contraint de se cacher de sa famille de el, où il est assis seul dans une maison sécurisée sans rien d’autre à faire que de pointer un chasse sur la Room size.

Even though Tony has literally made the bed he sleeps in in this scene, it’s still very surprising to see Tony so helpless in the face of his organization’s downfall. Reddit editor peterfonda3 compared Tony’s humble and lonely background to how he was portrayed before he was on the loose, saying, “You have to have some sympathy to know how far [he’s] fallen from his 6,000 square foot mansion.”

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