Toulouse: gendarmes and police together against fugitives

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Gendarmes and police collaborated effectively this Sunday, June 12, to arrest two individuals. The first had stolen a car in Villeneuve-Tolosane this Sunday morning, the second refused a control in Muret this afternoon. These suspects were arrested in Toulouse, La Reynerie and the Bagatelle district. They were placed in pretrial detention.

Two unrelated stories ended the same way this Sunday in Haute-Garonne: an arrest by the national police after investigations launched by the national gendarmerie.

These miscellaneous events began in the gendarmerie area, in the great agglomeration of Toulouse. First incident this Sunday morning when a woman who was aboard a Fiat 500 in the town of Villeneuve-Tolosane, west of Toulouse, saw an individual who was not very fit. She demanded that the driver take him to the center of Toulouse. Courteous and carefree rejection of the lady that she could do nothing to reason with her interlocutor and calm her aggressiveness.

Ejected from her car, she saw this individual fleeing towards Toulouse. The alert quickly passed to the gendarmerie patrols and then to the police teams that were “turning” on Toulouse. Finally, the suspect, in a hurry to go “take his dose” from his usual delivery man, was located by the Left Bank anti-crime squad in the La Reynerie neighborhood, in the early afternoon. The police arrested him.

This 48-year-old man was arrested by the gendarmes of the Mirail company. He would have admitted all the alleged facts. He could appear tomorrow, Monday, at the Toulouse prosecutor’s office

Leak at more than 150 km/h and device in the wrong direction!

Another delicate intervention in the middle of the afternoon. At the exit, the gendarmes of the Muret company wanted to check the driver of a black Volkswagen Golf in the center of Muret. Refusal to stop and departure at full speed in the direction of Toulouse. The gendarmes initially tried to intercept this fugitive before giving up. “Too much risk, especially for other road users,” said one officer.

This vehicle and its driver were reported to the police, who saw them on the ring road before losing track of them in the Cité de l’Espace sector, east of Toulouse. The car and its driver, still just as determined, were found by a patrol from the departmental intervention company on the stadium bridge. The man managed to escape to the Bagatelle district where he attempted to disappear but was blocked by BST staff. He again tried his luck on foot but this escape failed as Mirial BST policemen caught him this time and arrested him.

This 30-year-old, who according to initial information was driving without a license, was also entrusted to the gendarmes this Sunday at the end of the afternoon. He was arrested for driving without a license, refusing to comply and other traffic violations. During his trip, he would have even taken part of the Toulouse ring road in the opposite direction.

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