Tour Speed ​​& Tour Soft, the new Titleist golf balls

Tour Speed ​​& Tour Soft, the new Titleist golf balls


Titleist Tour Speed

This redesigned version of the Tour Speed ​​ball continues to consistently deliver the high speeds, penetrating ball trajectories and exceptional short game control golfers have come to expect from this model. All this while meeting the quality and compliance standards necessary to be validated by Titleist.

travel speed


The redesigned core allows for higher speeds, and a unique highly flexible wrapper layer has been designed specifically for this golf ball to maintain reduced spin on the big game. This new version of the Tour Speed ​​retains the TPU outer shell of urethane (specifically designed by Titleist Golf Balls R&D chemists) in this model, along with its 346 dimple pattern in a quadrilateral bi-pyramid, which allows for a smooth, penetrating trajectory, as well as its optimized spin to provide the necessary control around the green.

This combination of speed and spin allows golfers to hit any shot from tee to green.

Technologies and benefits of Tour Speed ​​2022 balls

  • High-speed, high-compression core, redesigned to generate speeds
    high and maximum distances in full shots.
  • EXCLUSIVE REDESIGNED SURROUND layer helps retain effects
    reduced to the big game.
  • EXCLUSIVE TPU (Titleist Performance Urethane) urethane case, designed
    to offer exceptional spin around the green and excellent control over the
    little game.
  • PATTERN with 346 cells in a quadrilateral bipyramid that offers a trajectory of
    penetrating bullet and long distances.

Price: €44.99

Titleist Tour Smooth

With a core of approximately 4 cm, the Tour Soft golf balls feature one of the widest cores in the Titleist golf ball range, as well as the same light compression found in the current version of this model.

soft tower


With such a large core, these balls require an extremely thin cover, which is why Titleist developed the 4CE Thin Outer Cover to help generate reliable spin around the green to improve short game playability.

Tour Soft golf balls have a new aerodynamic design, with 346 quadrilateral bipyramidal dimples, which optimize flight and distances covered.

Although they use the same aerodynamic scheme as the new version of the Tour Speed ​​balls, the Tour Soft balls have a slightly lower flight curve thanks to their unique construction, and in particular thanks to the large core that differs from the multi-layer construction. of the speed of the tower.

Technologies and benefits of Tour Soft 2022 balls

  • Wide (about 4 cm) and fast CORE that offers greater distances and a
    delicate and responsive touch.
  • Thin, grafted 4CE outer COVER offers better control in the short game.
  • New aerodynamic scheme with 346 bipyramidal cells
    quadrilateral, for optimal flight performance and greater distances

Price: €39.99

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