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Two big headliners will be back in action at the US Women’s Open. Nelly Korda and Annika Sörenstam will start in North Carolina on Thursday morning. The first to build his legend. The second to amplify yours.

Posted June 2

Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

In 2021, Nelly Korda imposed her dominance. At just 23 years old, she finished the year with four titles, including a first major tournament win at the PGA Women’s Championship.

He also won Olympic gold in Tokyo with a spectacular final round where he showed that he not only had the talent, but also the strength of character to shine in the big moments. He also reached number one in the world ranking. He stayed there long enough to seize the American record for most weeks at the top, 29. She will report to Pine Needles Golf Club as the world number two.

However, Korda’s flight was suddenly disrupted by worrying health problems. On March 13, he announced to his 502,000 Instagram followers that he had to retire after doctors detected a blood clot in his left arm. A news that shook the world of golf, given the seriousness of the situation.

On April 8, she posted a photo of herself along with a message explaining that she had surgery, the clot was removed, and the procedure went well. She also took the opportunity to say that she had contracted COVID-19 in mid-January.

a fearsome player

Less than two months after his operation, he is back in action. He has returned with his characteristic swing, without a doubt the smoothest and most natural on the LPGA Tour, and his smile that has become his other trademark over time.

La Floridienne is also recognized as one of the most difficult players to face.

While he is jovial, sneering, and articulate off the pitch, he is focused, determined, and even intimidating, as other players have already revealed. Some said that she was a simple and approachable girl, but that she had a killer instinct, nerves of steel, and that she should never be counted out for a beating between the first tee and the last green.

The main objective of Nelly Korda is not necessarily to make the most money possible or to set specific goals in the short or medium term. Her ambitions are clear: she wants to be the best golfer in the world, with all that that entails.

This is what she revealed to him golf magazine in the May edition: “I want to be number one in the world, I want to win all the important tournaments and I want to achieve something that no one has achieved before. »

If he manages to find the key quickly, he could wreak havoc. Given that she is by far the best irons player on tour, it will be interesting to see if her surgery will affect her.

His list won’t be complete until he wins the US Open, his favorite tournament, and he doesn’t mince words about that.

Sörenstam against the current

If Korda wants to build a career that will stand the test of time and inspire generations, she only has to look closely at Annika Sörenstam.

After more than 13 years away from competition taking care of her family and building her business, she returned to the game last season to play a few tournaments on the senior circuit. She wasted no time.


Annika Sörenstam returned to the game last season.

She picked up where she left off in 2008 by winning the US Senior Women’s Open by eight strokes, making her eligible for that year’s LPGA US Open.

At 51, the Swede, who has lived in the Orlando, Florida area for some time, has lost none of her precision and competitive instincts.

Sörenstam will probably not be able to compete at the same level as the best players in the world. He had already won two major titles before Nelly Korda was born, but fans will still have the privilege of seeing a living legend in action. A member of the Hall of Fame, he has 72 wins on the LPGA Tour, including 10 majors.

A homecoming for the one who won the US Open three times. From youth to dimanche, the best golf joueuses in the world were disputed among the most prestigious trophies, and it is difficult to know who soulèvera, the histoire s’écrira, d’une manière ou d’ other.

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