Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed (DPWT and LET): Ladies and Gentlemen

What are we talking about ?

From Thursday to Sunday, the Halmstad Golf Clubin Sweden, will not host a tournament of the world tour dp and a tournament Women’s European Tour (LET), but a DP World Tour and a LET tournament. Semantic nuance, but noticeable difference on the ground. The 78 players and the 78 players involved in the Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed will participate in a tournament with only one ranking. The one who makes the fewest shots to complete the four laps wins. Simply.

How is it translated?

Created by Swedish legend Annika Sorenstamten-time Major League winner, and for her compatriot henry stenson, captain of the European Ryder Cup team, the tournament goes further than other events, where two separate tournaments take place at the same time on the same course. Here, only the starting points differ between men and women. That’s it.

Not only is there a single ranking, but the games are also mixed. During the first two days, the organizers ensure that the triplets necessarily mingle. Another consequence, and no less important: the allocation is distributed according to the position in the final ranking. So no distinction between men and women. Also, good news for everyone: this year it rises to 2 million dollars, better than the million euros of the first edition, in 2021.

“For us, it’s not just the staffing, there are also extras, points out Anne-Lise Caudal, who participated in the tournament last year and will return this year. For example, all the trucks from the equipment manufacturers will be there, which is not the case for our tournaments, with the exception of the Majors. This allows us, this week, to benefit from this service”

And the players, what do you think?

“I think it’s good, it puts us in direct competition, Camp Anne-Lise Flow. They try to balance the course as much as possible to make it fair between the two of them. I find it interesting, it raises our level. Last year I think the distances were quite fair, I don’t think anyone complained, it was quite balanced. »

Another improvement for LET players, compared to their “regular” tournaments: they will be able to benefit from television coverage of the DP World Tour tournaments, including live broadcasts. “I think it would be nice if there were one or two more”underlines Anne-Lise Caudal.

And the atmosphere, what does it give?

Last year’s edition proved it: in part, coexistence goes perfectly. Not only because the players are happy to have the opportunity to see each other, but they tend to see very little of each other. But above all, it can multiply the sources of inspiration.

“On the course, it’s great, confirms Anne-Lise Caudal. We see a different game, they too, they see our virtues and we see theirs. Last year, I know my level went up, because the guys make a lot of birdies. It makes you want to be there on weekends. It forces us to be more daring. I love it. »

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