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Hybrids are often found in a golf bag. Both among amateurs and among professionals.

What are they for ? How to choose and play them? How much they cost ?

our advice Adrian (golf club manufacturers) tells us all about this essential equipment today.

Golf Planète: What is a hybrid?

Adrian: As the name suggests, a hybrid is a stick that sits between wood and iron. Regardless of brand, they are built like an iron: the same length and diameter as an iron shaft. On the other hand, a hybrid has the ease of a wood while maintaining the precision of an iron.

In the bag, hybrids replace long irons. I recommend them as soon as you have problems with your long irons. You quickly get better results with a hybrid than with a long iron you don’t feel good with.

Finally, know that a hybrid hits like a plank with a downward angle of attack, the ball is placed in the middle or middle left of the stance. Especially not on the left foot.

How are they made?

The head is usually made of steel. Some brands also offer alloys with tungsten, titanium or carbon.

As for its opening, it goes from 15° to 34° for the most open!

Who buys hybrids?

In my opinion, everyone should buy hybrids, regardless of level, age or gender. Simply because we win regularly and above all because the bad moves are less bad!

Only distance control is less accurate with hybrids than with irons, which is why hybrids will never completely replace irons.

Do you know any champions that don’t use hybrids?

There are very few of them today. maybe my friend Txema Olazabal because his iron game is exceptional. But in general, there are hybrids in every champion’s bag. If only because it’s easier to get out of the rough with a hybrid than with a long iron.

Remember this extraordinary hybrid move to Hazeltine at the 2009 PGA Championship play-off: beautifully executed by the Korean you yang above the trees, it’s the winning shot… against a tiger forest upset.

How much does a hybrid cost?

Hybrids are slightly more expensive than irons for the simple reason that they involve more technology. Let’s say that the first are around 180 euros and can reach up to 300 euros for the top of the range. Please note that some are adjustable in terms of loft opening.

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