Women’s Portuguese international: new season, new

After the exception made in 2021, due to the pandemic, the Portuguese Women’s International returns to its usual appointment at the end of January. Start of a tournament as a promise of a season, perhaps not normal, but at least ordinary due to the course of its calendar. The virus, unfortunately, is never far away, it deprived Lusitanian of a getaway. mila jurine, tested positive shortly before his departure. Some bad luck for the young Racingwoman, who is precisely one of the newcomers among the Tricolor Girls.

Like her, Carla of Troy (Saint German), Camille Min Gaultier (Valcros), both 15, and valentine delon (Chantilly), 16, joined the women’s team of the French national team in early January, during an internship at Moliets. A sector in which the border between Girls and Ladies has been abolished: now, the entire great French team prepares together. This week, during the Mounted Golf Coursewhich hosted the last European Women’s Team Championship, the motivation of the rookies will be total to prove their worth along the way. “They are eager to discover and show what they are capable of. They have pressure, but it’s good pressure.”explain Veronique Smondak.

Sharing experience with older people

Valentine Delon joined the French collective at the beginning of January, during an internship at Moliets. (Photo ffgolf)

With them will be present all this week in Portugal the captain of the France Girls team, the global head of the women’s sector gwladys nocera being confined to conversations and instructions by interposed telephone screen (it is still this damn virus). “Being part of this whole group, already, showed them what they were capable of, Veronique Smondack continues. They are serious players at the base because of the framework in which they develop, and here they are disciplined, and they follow the preparation very well. »

The discussion channel with all the other players in the collective was also installed without difficulty. “In Moliets, I immediately felt that we were very well integrated, that the “elders” were very happy to receive us, highlighted valentine delon. We believe that the players who played the European Championship last year know exactly what to do and what not to do and share their experience with us. »

“With young players who are our age, we can talk about high school, testify Carla of Troy. Seniors tell us more about their experience at American universities. It allows us to know better what awaits us in the future. » Help that continues until the course: “On a pure strategy level, it allowed us to realize that we can attack even more than we already do, details the young Saint-Germain player. You also learn to better assimilate the rolling of the greens before a tournament. »

“I wrote a lot more things in my notebook today than usual, confirmed Camille Min Gaultierat the end of his first part of the Portuguese reconnaissance. The more experienced players explained to me very well how to do a good reconnaissance. We really have a great atmosphere between us. We encourage and support each other. »

Team cohesion, even individually

Both players and captains agree on one point: in all these aspects, the Moliets course has had an undeniable beneficial effect, creating a cohesion that endures even during individual tournaments. That’s good, as there will be, like every year, a European Women’s Team Championship to be played in July, in Iceland. A championship that had ended the France Girls selection with a silver medal last year.

This week in Portugal, the young French women will evolve alongside the ines goalkeeper (RCF La Boulie), Constance Fouillet (La Freslonniere), Maylis Lamoure (Kempferhof) and others Vairana Devils (RCF La Boulie), who were part of the European runner-up team. Without forget emma falcher (Lanniron-Quimper), who made the decision for this season to stay by his side in all aspects of preparation, but hopes with all his might to integrate the French team during the main championships.

“We talked a lot with them and they told us that at the end of the championship last year they had suffered a bit physically, says Carla De Troia. As a result, we are all committed to doing even more in preparation for this year, we all want to win. » It can start as early as these Open de Portugal, two of the last three editions of which have seen French victories (Pauline Roussin-Bouchard in 2019 Y Lucie Malchirand in 2021). Captain Véronique Smondack, she smiles from the reconnaissance parts: “It’s a pleasure to see them play. »

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