Table Tennis Training – Pushing Yourself Further In The Amazing Game Of Ping Pong

Ping pong is a fun and exciting game, and best of all, it is fairly easy that practically anyone can play it. However, since table tennis is a breeze to play a lot of people do not see the need to get proper training for it. This is okay if you just want to have some fun hitting the ball once in a while, but if you really want to be good in the game, then you really have to take table tennis training.

A lot of people are hesitant to undergo table tennis training since it is somewhat unusual. Most people do not view it like swimming lessons that a lot of kids really go through. But like any sport, table tennis training follows a flow of discipline. Here are some things you need to consider when you plan to take table tennis lessons:

Table Tennis Training

  1. Frequency – the frequency of your table tennis training really depends on you – on what your goal is, how much you can commit, your urge to improve, your schedule, your budget, among many others. But generally, if you want to improve your game you should have at least one training session each week, and then another session to play as well. Lessons are useless if you do not practice what you learn. But playing too much can also be counter productive. You have to carefully study your schedule and spell out how much you can devote for your table tennis training. Stick with the schedule you have set to ensure that you would be getting the most from your training.
  2. Duration of the training – how long you train is another consideration. It is usually recommended to train for just an hour to an hour and half like other kinds of sports. If you go longer than that, your concentration can suffer and you might even grow tired of the sport instead of loving it.
  3. Training style – the type of lesson really depends on your level as a table tennis player. If you are a beginner, you should have a good foundation on the technique for hitting the table with the ball. This sounds to be too basic a task, but it is the very foundation of table tennis and a lot of amateur players miss out on this one. Table training should be mastered really well for other techniques to be learned. This level of training decreases the chances of your hitting the ball into other directions.

Once you are able to ground yourself with table training you can work on the next most important strokes for your training. These include the backhand counterhit, the forehand counterhit, the backhand push, the forehand push, the serve, and the serve return. Without these things you cannot expect to move to the next, intermediate, level of table tennis playing.

Table Tennis Training
Table Tennis Training

You can also include in your table tennis training some of the fun stuff – the tricks of the trade that make table tennis all the more exciting. This includes the lobbing, smashing, the forehand loop and the backhand loop. Soon enough you can mix these strokes up to give an impressive game.

  1. Attitude – no matter how much training you take for how long and what kind, you would not succeed in table tennis if you do not have the attitude to follow through. Table tennis is very much a mental sport as it is a physical sport. You mind has to be very active as everything happens quickly, even quicker than in most other types of sports.

The attitude is also very much important during table tennis training. You have to focus on what you are training for at a certain time. You should set your mind to learn the strokes, that you are practicing. You should also pay attention to your trainer or your training partner. You might have to take turns feeding balls to each other and when it is your turn be good at it as you would hitting the ball. You can learn from all aspects of training if you put your mind to it.

Table tennis training may not really be that important for most people. But if you really want to be good in this game, it is something that is inevitable for you to go through.

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