“I’m tired of all the traveling”

Playing in Belgrade after several weeks of absence, Novak Djokovic found old acquaintances. In the Serbian capital, the Serbian Open final pitted the Serbian champion against Russia’s Andrey Rublev.

Rublev ultimately triumphed in three sets. After this lost final but in which he showed good physical condition in Djokovic, the Serb was able to console himself listening to the words of his former coach, Marian Vajda.

The former coach was present at the tournament for the inauguration of a sculpture dedicated to him and took advantage of the awards ceremony to address a few words to his old friend.

“I want to thank you Nole for what you have done for me during these 15 years, it has been a great adventure. Most of the time I had a lot of fun! And finally I also thank myself for being able to go the distance that Vajda told Belgrade.

The reasons for Vajda’s farewell

During the Belgrade final, the reasons why Marian Vajda left Djokovic’s squad were finally explained. Recall that in March of this year, Djokovic and Vajda announced that they were ending their relationship after 15 years together and winning numerous Grand Slam titles.

This decision had already been made after the ATP Finals, but recent events in Australia caused the announcement of this professional separation to be postponed.

“I was tired from so many trips, that’s why (I quit). I’m happy that we were able to say a proper goodbye here, that I was also able to thank him in front of the people of Belgrade,” Novak’s ex said. explained the technician, according to Punto de Break.

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