Taekwondo: very good results for young people

The French taekwondo championship will take place in Lyon at the Palais des sports de Gerland on April 30 and it’s time to prepare the young athletes of the Gigean taekwondo fighting club.

In fact, three youngsters will represent the club during this competition: Zaian Montecot, Emma Medina and Gabriel Druet. They qualified during the regional championships that took place in March in Claira.

And the club particularly distinguished itself during this competition with one Occitania Region champion, two Occitania Region vice-champions and three bronze medals.

In the men’s minimum category of less than 27 kg, Zaian Montecot had an impeccable race, chaining fight after fight, without ever hesitating, finishing on top of the podium.

Giovanni Croce, in the men’s Benjamins category under 21 kg, and Noam Maurouad, in the men’s Benjamins category under 30 kg, after a good run finished in second place.

Eva Chevalier-Riffard, in the women’s minimum category of less than 41 kg; Emma Medina, in the women’s category of less than 41 kg, and Gabriel Druet, in the men’s category of less than 41 kg, obtained the bronze medal.

Also noteworthy is the good performance of Walid Bandarda, in the minimum male category of less than 30 kg. “The students felt well prepared and serene and once again the Taekwondo Wrestling team is on the podium. It is a great pride and gratitude for the work done to see the results”, emphasizes the club’s coach, Mathis Montain.

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