Easter course for the taekwondo club

During this Easter holiday period, the taekwondo club has not been inactive. On April 27, he organized his internship at the Espace Christian-Eymard sports center under the direction of Nicolás Montebello, 3rd degree black belt.

A dozen graduates responded to this apprenticeship, bringing together children, youth and adults. An hour and a half program based on the tactic of the front leg, the cut.

To improve his combat skills, Nicolás focused this course mainly on this technique. “As a general rule, the cut, or ap bal tchagui, consists of striking directly with the front leg. As the distance with the opponent is shorter, it allows you to surprise. Several cutting techniques have been worked on.details Sylvie Herrard, the club’s secretary, to the audience made up of parents, the koro cut, the dolyiot cut, the cut against the hole.”

A set of exercises in groups of two was deepened, with rotation between graduates, mixing warm-up and technique. At the end of these exercises, an application in small rounds closed this intensive course, followed by a stretching session at the end of the training.

“Thanks to Nicolás, for his professionalism, and his pedagogy, congratulations to all the graduates present, for all the energy and commitment displayed during this course”The secretary concludes.

Hard work but also smiles, good humor.

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