Taekwondo. Magda Wiet-Hénin from Nancy starts the year in gold

President Cup

This Sunday, in Durpes (Albania)

After the covid episode that rescheduled the start of the season for the French team, Nancy and the European champion, Magda Wiet-Hénin, began his competitive year this Sunday in Albania. Although Olympic champion Matea Jelic ultimately did not participate in this open, Nancy’s wife advanced to the top of heat No. 1 in -67kg within a table of thirty competitors, where she finally asserted the hierarchy.

Beyond her four victories to win gold, Nancy’s wife recalled the beginning of a new cycle: “ After the disappointment of the Olympics , my coach had, until then, let me fight at my whim, without restraint or strategy. There we return to the strategic analysis with more offensive efficiency, which means that I have to fight more calmly and less frequently. This competition was a good warm-up”, recalls Magda, who will continue in three weeks with the obligatory passage to the French championship, before attacking the Open in Belgium and Spain to arrive in Manchester with weapons to defend her European title. Three months before the big date, the countdown has begun.

The results : oneD round defeats Alieva (Rus) 15-3, 2Y tour beats Gaspa (Ita) 4-1; 3Y round beats Gaspo (Esp) 3-2, final beats Koernd (Ger. No. 2) 12-3.

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